Dino sits in the driver seat and is the technician on board to maintain and fix what is broken. He is also editor of the overlander web presence using Dreamweaver and responsible for the somehow a bit rusty but simple design.

Fabia is the navigator and tour planner on board, using a simple iPad with GPS for that purpose. She collects the hot spots from the conversations with or in the travel blogs of other travellers and lines them up to a track. She is the book keeper and manages the food inventory, so we don't run out of healthy energy intake. But clearly, she is the caring mother coming up with sweet ideas to make our
son's travel experience richer.

Lio is the youngest team member, allowing mum and dad to see the journey with different eyes. He is patiently playing with LEGO, listening stories or keeps himself busy otherwise during the long and sometimes boring stretches, even when the car is rattling and shaking. He is clearly a fan of driving in sand and helping bogged cars out with the winch.

Morla is our travel buddy, a Troopy with his own legacy. It's the homebase, our shelter, a working horse and with its 36 years (1986 built) still not shy to go for dirt roads, sand dunes, river crossings or what ever else lies ahead of the wheels. The Landcruiser was upgraded remarkably for the trip in Australia and is fitter than ever for a demanding trip like this. With only 380'000 km as the Aussies might say it is ready for many more adventures. One thing for sure, it is the most experienced traveller amongst the team members. It visited already Latin America, Island and years before us Australia. It's a Toyota, what else?